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Venture Connectors - Membership Integration & Site Merger


Venture Connectors reached out to McRae Technologies, LLC for assistance with managing their memberships and events through their existing Wordpress website. We worked with their team to research the best way to accomplish their goals. We investigated the cost vs. benefit of a brand new site, adding custom programming to their existing site or using a 3rd party solution and integrating it with their existing systems. Ultimately it made sense for them to choose a 3rd party solution. We added the hooks to their current site to allow the members to see protected content, register for events, manage accounts, etc...

McRaeTek also engaged simultaneously in another project to consolidate two sites into one. We migrated the content from the Venture Sharks website into the existing Venture Connectors site and redirected the traffic from the old site to the new one as to not abandon any existing traffic.

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